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Support May 5 '20

Hello and welcome to the Polygamy Dating's Games Forum,

Feel free to ask, share and discuss anything related to your favourite games like PubG, temple run, candy crush etc..

Because of our members and site safety there are few limitations to keep in mind when posting.

1. Any kind of bad/abusive language, rude behaviour or hate speech not allowed.

2. Any kind of nudity or porn or sex related discussion/content/link not allowed.

3. Any kind of copyright content, illegal stuff, replica and torrent not allowed.

4. Any kind of personal information, contact information posting not allowed.

5. Any kind of discussion related to drug, alcohol, tobacco (including e-cigarettes) not allowed.

6. And kind of links that posted just for advertising, back-links, generate traffic not allowed.

Any inappropriate discussion or content that seems unacceptable or bad for our users, either maybe edited or removed and related account can be suspended with or without any prior notification.

Please keep this site as a safe place for everyone.

Happy Polygamy

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