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Hello All,

We are getting reports that few users with fake profiles trying to scam others, so protect our real users we are going to apply 'Communication limit' on terms-of-use from 1st of march 2020.

Understand in Detail :

We keep reported that few users seems fake and trying to scam others, people registered fake account and then asking other users to communicate on other social media apps like whatsapp, specially on google hangout and then they start asking for money in different ways.

Its hard to identify because A real user can also ask to connect on other apps for easier communication and their is nothing wrong about it,

And also its so wrong to ask someone to prove that they are real and not scammer,

But we do not want our users to get scammed by any fake users on any way.

To prevent fake users and scammers we are going to place a limit on communication,

This limit will be applied for free users those who using fake name/photo n their profile, and asking or sharing other social media apps or services to connect.

From 1st march 2020,

As a free user Users will be not allowed :

- to ask and share whatsapp/hangout/skype/gmail or any other social media accounts.

* for all free users all of their communication with other users should be within our website/app.

How users will be found :

- With word block system -

Since 2 weeks we testing a feature that identify the words, flag that word and send notification to moderator panel to take an action.

We are going to apply this feature everywhere within our site/app.

What Action will be taken if someone violate the above terms :

- We will remove the free access immediately with or without any notification.

- We may grant the free access back upon user request if he/she will promise to follow the above terms.

* If we fount that again then user have to verify their name/photo to continue the free uses.

* We also going to disable credit system, after that users won't be able to earn credits to use the site for free.

Photo Verification and VIP Membership :

Their is very less chances that a scammers can verify or pay, only real users can do that,

1:- Photo Verification :

To remove this communication limit free users can verify their profile anytime they want, its the easier way and photo verified users can ask and share other account details.

2:- Membership plan :

Second option to remove the communication limit is to get a membership plan,

Membership plan is great for those who do not wants to share their real name and real photo online, while on a plan user are not bound to verify their photo and users can use any real name/photo on their profile.

Polygamy Dating isn't a business scammer :

We also do not want that real users consider us as business scammers, we don't have any plan to run this site as a business, 

but for sure we do need money for better website, better apps and better marketing to grow.

Polygamy Dating do not run user bots :

We do not run fake users bot to get more users and also we don't have any plan to run fake users bot to generate revenue like most of all other dating sites/apps,

So in beginning their is chances that you will get less friend request/less messages and less replies, but you can trust that if you getting even one then you getting that from a real user.

Please note that the communication limit will be applied only if a free user will ask or share other social media accounts with other users,

If all of your communications will be within our site/app then feel free to communicate, there will be no limit until you good here or unless required.

It is almost impossible for us to track each user activity so their is a chance that fake users can start asking money here, if you found someone, Immediately notify us and we will take necessary action as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact at "[email protected]" for any question/query or support.

Thank you all for being a part of polygamy dating.

Happy Polygamy

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Support Team
Mar 1 '20
The terms is live now, we request all free users please do not ask and share other social media accounts. Thank you
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